V-SOL 4G CPE的特色和管理软件


虽然已经进入5G时代,但4G CPE在很多使用4G的区域还是有所作为。在本文中,我们将介绍一系列 V-SOL 4G CPE 设备,帮助您了解 4G CPE 究竟能给您带来哪些功能!

1. 什么是4G CPE?

4G CPE(Customer Premise Equipment)是一种终端设备,可以将4G信号转换成WiFi信号,为硬件设备提供网络。

2. V-SOL 4G CPE 介绍

这里我们将从LTE Cat4 CPE、LTE Cat6 CPE和户外CPE这三种类型来介绍4G CPE

类型 1:4G LTE CAT4 CPE

LTE CAT4 CPE 共有三种类型。它们几乎相同,但有些性能不同。


XNC1841 4G LTE Cat4 WiFi路由器具有1个WAN/LAN端口、1个LAN端口和1个输入端口,提供一个SIM卡插槽,并有2×2 MIMO内部天线。它的速度可以达到150Mbps。支持802.11 b/g/n,支持LTE FDD/LTE TDD/WCDMA上网。多人游戏、高清串流、视频聊天等可以同时进行。是家庭/办公/服务行业的好选择。


The indoor CPE XRC5241 takes 2×2 external antennas and supports 4G network backup. The speed can reach 50Mbps of uplink and 300Mbps of the downlink. It enables 32 devices to connect, which is really suitable for the application of Smart Homes. It also supports SIM card insertion that’s easy and convenient to use. In addition, the CPE router is reliable in that it offers VPN pass-through support (PPTP, L2TP & IPSec), Firewall, Local & Remote management, which makes it fit for ATM, bank, and chain stores.


This CPE has 2 external WiFi antennas and 2 external LTE antennas, which increase and enlarge the signal coverage. The built-in advanced WiFi chipset and OFDM ensure stability and allow connecting to multiple devices on the same network. The device also is able to back up the 4G/RJ45(WAN) network. The Ethernet will be connected through DSL or PON CPE once the 4G network goes down. Thus, it’s appropriate to adopt this CPE in video conferences and business presentations.


Type 2: 4G LTE CAT6 CPE


It’s an advanced LTE CPE with great performance. It takes 4×4 MIMO LTE internal antennas and 2×2 MIMO WiFi internal antennas, which leads the speed to a high level. The voice port works for VoLTE or VOIP. Besides, there are USIM, standard SIM slot 3FF, and auto-MDI/MDIX.


The LTE CAT6 CPE XNC1842 1 WAN/LAN port and 3 LAN ports with 1 micro USB port. There are 4×2 MIMO internal antennas. With this CPE router, you can enjoy the dual-band WiFi 5 network (2.4GHz&5GHz) with a speed of up to 300Mbps.

Type 3: Outdoor 4G LTE CPE


With 1 RJ45, 10/100/1000Mmps POE, 1 SIM slot, the 4G CPE outdoor router designed in industrial grade adopts 4×4 MIMO and makes the speed up to 300Mbps. With features such as IP65 waterproof, shock-resistant, and lightning protection, it can ensure the quality of wireless communication in different outdoor environments. It’s developed to accept 4G signals in weak areas, which can be installed on the wall or pole mounted.


This outdoor CPE device has a LAN/WAN port, RJ11 port, 1 micro USB, Nano-SIM slot, and 1 DC input port. It can supply 12V/5V power. The LED indicator can indicate signal strength which is convenient for users to find the best position to get a better 4G signal. It supports automatic APN matching according to USIM, cell locking, VPN, WEbUI and TR069/FOTA management.

Part III. Is it possible to remotely manage 4G CPE?

The remote management of 4G CPE is achievable through V-SOL VCCM that a cloud management platform with Mobile APP service for home users of CPE including wireless routers, ONT, 4G CPE, etc. It allows users to open services, self-diagnose, upgrade push, monitor traffic, and so on.

Features of V-SOL VCCM:

• Deployed on Linux, no extra cost for operating system and database, reducing the cost of building the platform for customers.
• Support cloud platform deployment and one-click rapid deployment.
• Build smart life App of V-SOL, Support customer self-service.
• Improve customer service efficiency with the VCCM APP which supports customer self-service, the majority of equipment problems can be solved without a home inspection.
• Support MQTT protocol, V-SOL CPE including a wireless router, ONT, 4G CPE, etc. can access the open third-party IoT(Internet of Things) platforms such as Doodle and Huawei’s IoT platform, based on MQTT protocol.